Charities we’re supporting in 2024

Feel the Magic’s aim is to create a community where grieving kids and their families feel supported, empowered, and can begin to move forward with their lives. 1 in every 20 children aged 7-17 will experience the death of a parent. In Australia, just over 300,000 children will lose a parent before they reach the age of 18.

Through evidence-informed programs developed by a clinical psychologist and delivered by trained professionals, Feel the Magic aim to reduce the mental health challenges associated with childhood grief. Bereaved young people commonly suffer challenges including anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation, which contributes to the nearly one quarter of young people in Australia who experience some form of mental health challenge.

Fighting Chance builds social businesses to create a truly inclusive economy, where people with disability have unbridled access to opportunity, dignity and prosperity.

The Fighting Chance team work with people with disability to identify the barriers they face in their everyday lives and then design, build and empower sustainable social businesses to bridge these gaps.

Life Ed believes every child deserves to thrive. Equitable access to health education is important. That is why they are striving to reach more children every year, via their mobile learning centres (vans), pop-up classrooms, in-class delivery and via virtual and online lessons.

Because they know that the biggest impact happens early in childhood. Children learn their core values at a young age. Tackling tomorrow’s issues today leads to solutions to some of their biggest problems, such as chronic disease and mental ill health.

Life Ed teach children and young people aged 3-13 the health, safety and wellbeing skills to make better decisions throughout their lives, creating a holistic impact on their long-term health.